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We boost domestic bliss

gay dating free worland wy It’s not about selling appliances; rather it’s about culture and philosophy. We think about our customers, and see with their eyes how they overlook and run their daily life and we encourage them to enjoy their domestic time with bringing fun and delight to the kitchen!

Inspired by you

gay dating app near bethel Jhārsuguda We at KLUGMANN have a story worth telling, since we keep our eyes on the daily life of our customers; we watch closely how they spend the time at the office, with the friends and at the home with the family.

slot kingkong What is exciting is, KLUGMANN dedicates all the technology we have to make your day runs very enjoyable, very easy and simple like the nature, no more complications, no more radiation. We develop the safe technology for you and your family!

Cooking is culture… Food is tradition

ritemed metformin 500mg price humblingly We adopt in KLUGMANN a slogan, “Enjoy your homemade food” we help the people to discover the meaning of family and encourage them to turn to their kitchen to enjoy the art of cooking and the smell of the healthy food they can make easier when using our appliances.

Hayrabolu playojo casino no deposit Do you remember the first place you eat the Ravioli or the Neapolitan Pizza, even not, Pizza means Italy and Ravioli is a traditional in the Italian cuisine and reflects the Italian culture and smell. Chow Mein brings to mind the Chinese food where the rice is served with most dishes and meals in the daily life of the Chinese. Who doesn’t know the German Bratwurst or the Fresh Asparagus or Apple Pancakes or the German bakeries where the bread is part of the German history and culture! In France, a country of the Baguette (French bread) or the Union Soup, the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding is the national dish in England. The Tandoori Chicken in India, Molokhia in Egypt, Katsudon in Japan, Borscht in Russia, Shawarma in UAE and some other Arab countries and the Jamón Ibérico In Spain.

KLUGMANN provides extensive and inimitable product range covers all kind of the kitchen appliances, ovens (gas and electric), Microwave ovens (solo and combination) cooktops (gas, induction, domino line), cooker hoods (diversified shapes suite all kitchen designs), dishwashers, laundries and refrigerators (integrated and freestanding).

Discover the master piece of your kitchen and enjoy our state-of-art innovative and XL capacity and designed ovens.

Where everything is available, serve all kind of your endless favor dishes, and discover the concept of the Zoneless and MaxPower of our Induction cooktops.

A new star in your kitchen sky, enjoy the AeroPure technology and our limitless cooker hoods features and diversified functions and designs.

Take it and get the peace of mind and the benefit of more loads in the same size with the super silent performance.

Our extra large loading will serve you faster with saving energy and low vibration.

When the technology incorporate with the trendy designs.

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