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Ovens Features Guidlines

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AutoClean Ovens

wipe-clean-icon Wipe-clean enameled ovens

Al Wakrah slots of vegas casino instant play Corrosion, abrasion, heat resistance and overheating protection
Affordable, Simple to Use, Simple to Maintain, Reliable
Most people have heard of enamel liners which are the standard in cookers and ovens and need to be manually cleaned. The tiny bumps in the (easy clean enamel) surface are a lot closer together and a lot less pronounced than found in standard enamel, preventing grease and cooking debris from penetrating the liner so deeply.

catalystic-oven-icon Catalystic ovens

free vegas slots casino games Yukuhashi This type of coating acts as a catalyst for the burning of foodstuff at regular cooking temperatures. Instead of using a cleaning cycle, ovens with this coating continually burn off matter through normal use. Catalytic coatings are usually a grey to black in color sometimes with white specs, the texture resembling a sand paper like roughness, the cavity of the oven is often part coated with the catalyst coating other kinds have removable liners or liners that are fixed in position by screws.

live horse racing betting Shimoga Cuts down on Cleaning, Superior Build quality, Multi Functional

Dormagen golden pokies no deposit free spins Why not get someone in to give your oven a clean? We don’t use high amounts of electricity, our products are eco-friendly and fume free and we even clean up after ourselves. Now doesn’t that sound better?

aqualysic-oven-icon Aqualystic ovens

Vondrozo poker club game Easy-to-clean with just a glass of water

At KLUGMANN you find the most ecological oven cleaning technology on the market. AQUACLEAN system enables you to clean your oven in only 24 minutes using just a glass of water and with no extra effort.

pyrolistic-oven-icon Pyrolystic ovens

A pyrolystic oven is an oven that can clean itself.

Using super high temperatures of 500°C, a pyrolytic oven turns food residue and grime into ash which can then be easily wiped clean using a damp cloth. No harsh chemicals or scrubbing required! Plus, did you know that the chemicals used to clean the inside of a regular oven can potentially contaminate food? Therefore choosing a pyrolytic oven for your kitchen can offer not only convenience but also health and safety benefits.

Appearance Features

comfyclose-icon ComfyClose™ oven door

Feel how softly and gently the oven door close and open.

easy-removable-icon Easy removable and accessible oven glass door

Easily removable oven doors feature no visible screw holes, rubber seals or notches, which mean that they can be quickly and easily cleaned by the user, no need for a technician to cleanse your oven door, make it yourself!

reflective-pane-icon InsulFront Oven& Reflective panes

The Multi-layered and the reflective glass panes door insulate the oven door and ensure a low temperature on the outside.

Nano treated coated stainless steel finish

With such first-rate stainless steel and the anti-fingerprint coating, enjoy a long lasting shiny and cleaned appliances.

control-panel-icon SensiAct™ smart use control panel

The intelligent new easy-to-use touch screen and high definition Interactive LCD colored display allow the user to select many automatic programs and customize several favorite recipes. All the information you need at your fingertips, with this large LCD touch-control display which shows the time, cooking mode and temperature.

Inner Cavity Features

coolsys-icon CoolSys™ oven

Smart cooling system

The control device of the automatic cooling system will switch on the cooling fan when the cavity temperature will reach to 65oCor more.

The overheating protection system will cut off the power supply automatically when the temperature reached 85oC or above. This keeps the user and handle areas cool to touch.

dual-fan-icon Dual fan core single ovens

One of the most brilliant ideas we bring to our customers, the dual fan core single ovens. It is really amazing, an electric multifunction oven with two turbo fans inside. This gives you the ability to divide the ovens into two actual separate parts and in one you can grill your favor slice of meat and baking in the lower part your favor cheese cake, without any exchange of smells or flavors.
Imagine that, you can use the upper part of the oven only, which means you will save more energy, just set the separator and keep all heating in the part you cook in!

flixishelf-icon FlixiShelfand Fully extendable pullout guides

Sturdy telescopic racks pull extendedly out for safe, easy check on you cooking progress. Plus, their robust construction safely supports the heaviest dishes.

ovenergy-icon OvenErgy™ energy rating A

Best baking results with low energy consumption, our high-performing technology saves energy.

temprobe-icon TemProbe inside the food

It precisely measures the temperature inside the food. The oven automatically switches off and gives a sound signal once the set temperature is reached.

xxl-icon XXL oven capacity

More capacity for versatile use, our up to 67L ovens enables you cook your diversified dishes easily.

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