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Dishwashers Features Guidlines

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ExtraLoad capacity

extraload-icon ExtraLoad Capacity

partitively gay matchmaking greytown wellington All our dishwasher models fitted with a third rack, furnishing these dishwashers with greater load flexibility up to 14 place settings. This third rack can be arranged in 4 different ways depending on your needs. For example in a two-height load you can lower one half for high glasses and use the other for cutlery or coffee cups.


aquastop-icon AquaStop

resistlessly site de relacionamento de ricos In case of water leakage, the AquaStop safety system will automatically shut off the water supply to the hose and the machine, and the pump will pump out the remaining water from the dishwasher tub into the drain hose. Thus, have peace of mind and give up fearing from flooding.

Adjustable Racks

adjustable-racks-icon Adjustable Racks

https://jobbyindustrial.com/53524-buy-azithromycin-no-prescription-13537/ A convenient solution for washing larger pots, pans, plates, and glasses! KLUGMANN dishwashers feature an excellent two-level basket height adjustment system. Lifting the baskets, when required, is now even easier since the height adjustment mechanism is fitted on both sides of the basket and coloured red making handling much easier.

Intensive programme

intensive-programme-icon Intensive Programme

Damāvand buy sertraline 25mg This programme is ideal for cleaning very dirty dishes, when a regular programme is perhaps not enough. Pre-washing with hot water takes place before the main wash and rinsing with hot water takes place twice. The Intensive programme, using maximum temperature of the washing and increased dose of detergent, makes that even burnt fat disappears without a trace

Half Load

half-load-icon Half Load

goodrx doxycycline Now you can start the wash even if only one basket is full. This function saves time, energy and money.

Extremely quiet

Extremely Quiet

The sound of KLUGMANN dishwashers is always below 48 decibels; lower noise emissions than those produced by a normal conversation. Turn it on and have the peace of mind!

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Our dishwashers are rated A+++ to G for their energy efficiency, with A+++ being the best grade available. Its lower water and power consumption make it an environmentally friendlier appliance.

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