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The sense of comfort

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the design
this is our way to enjoy, we get the technology further beyond the static and conventional shapes, behind our superb designs stands a steady developed technology that provide you the versatile and reliable performance.
bY klugmann
We believe the art can change the world, here Klugmann use such outstanding fully touch control display and LCD for all-in-one kitchen use combined with simple design which take you to another level of peace of mind, each is a piece of art, designed chic.
10 functions, Touch Control LCD display, telescopic runners, AquaClean system, cook book, ready menu and programs, slide show, oven capacity 66L..


Sigma Top features
SensiAct LCD Display
The intelligent new easy-to-use touch screen and high definition Interactive LCD colored display allow the user to select many automatic programs and customize several favorite recipes. All the information you need at your fingertips, with this large LCD touch-control display which shows the time, cooking mode and temperature.
Aqualystic System
Easy-to-clean with just a glass of water. At KLUGMANN you find the most ecological oven cleaning technology on the market. AQUACLEAN system enables you to clean your oven in only 24 minutes using just a glass of water and with no extra effort.
Keep Connected
You can install an app on your tablet, laptop or smartphone that enables you to monitor the appliance operating status from afar, control its functions or turn it off or on. This gives you ultimate convenience and full control over your kitchen appliances.
Slow cooking
Do you pursue a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet? You'll love this function. Keep all the nutritional values of your food by using the slow cooking function, which is about cooking food in a bath at a low temperature.
Soft open & close
The soft open & close function for the oven door makes using the oven even more convenient and more of a pleasure. It offers more control when opening and closing the oven door and thus a more pleasant user experience. Additionaly, it raises safety of use.
Rapid preheating
You can use this function to achieve the desired temperature in the shortest time possible. The oven heats up to the temperature of 150°C in 4 minutes, 20% faster than the standard heating time. Now you can focus on cooking rather than waiting for the oven to reach the right temperature. Warming meals up is faster and easier also.
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