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General concepts

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Inimitable product range & kitchen solutions

Masaurhi Buzurg get z pack online KLUGMANN offers one of the most extensive and outstanding kitchen appliances range on the market, which combines to integration of the top notch materials, diversified features and different cooking functions combined with designs where the elegance and simple forms make all the difference in your kitchen.

Withstand the test of time

http://runescapelottery.info/21-cat/casino_34.html Here at KLUGMANN, we know that by time your kitchen getting to be extinguished, which is why we pay attention to the details so that our ovens always look like the first time of installation. Our anti-fingerprint, the Nano anti-finger print coating and enamel treatments ensure your oven maintains its youthful appearance over the years.

Eco-driven product range

OvenErgy™ lower consumption

https://ttas-mm.com/83496-buy-tamoxifen-24789/ KLUGMANN ovens have been masterminded so that you can make the most of your dishes with the maximum energy saving. Many of our ovens rated A+ energy efficient, which guarantees the best performance possible per unit of consumed energy.

AeroPure™ cooker hood

only fools and horses fruit machine for sale Trelleborg KLUGMANN smart purifying Cooker Hood: since the “AeroPure™” Technology is the system that allows you to breathe fresh air in the kitchen.An application that changes drastically the concept of cooker-hood, read more under our Cooker Hood page.

OverSilent appliances motors

http://medicalweightloss.guru/72455-prednisolone-acetate-cost-23751/ Our commitment is, to bring a low-noise technology to the markets, saving the environment from the noise pollution and disturbance, so our appliances outfitted with the as much as low dbl level, enjoy quieter kitchen and surrounding with your over silent products from KLUGMANN.

TechnoDesigned Products

Our interdisciplinary cooperation with the state-of-the-art technology suppliers makes our products responsive to your needs. At KLUGMANN, we believe that design and technology function best when they serve the daily life of the people. This concept is at the core of our people-driven approach to design and technology. We also carefully research and analyze the marketplace and market trends, observing how technologies and designed products can be put to use most effectively, while advancing design and technology to better fit people’s ever-changing lifestyles and needs. From here, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s to improve the quality of people’s lives and help them to enjoy their home.

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