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Gas Cooktops

Our range of cooktops incorporates the latest technology and many innovative features to enhance their performance and value.


hyperheat-icon HyperHeat Gas wok burner

With our HyperHeat extra powerful wok burner up to 6.0kw, cook variety of food faster.

Sometimes our hobs come with dual flame and control operation to enable you controlling such hyper speed and intensive dual burner separately.


antileak-icon AntiLeak Protection Gas Cooktop & Auto Re-ignition

The FFD system on each burner will stop the flow of gas if the burner is not lit; for your safety it cuts the connection to the gas line and at the same time turns off the burner.
Some of our cooktop equipped with auto re-ignition system, If the flame accidentally goes out, the cooking surface makes up to three attempts to re-ignite it in a few seconds and, if it doesn’t re-ignite, the protection against gas leaks (AntiLeak) intervenes.


sensi-cooktop-icon SensiAct™ Gas Cooktop

Enjoy all the features and functions of the SensiAct in you gas hob, it allows you to control the level of the burner, to set timer and let it automatically switch off, to re-ignite if the burner accidentally stop working, for three times the auto-recovery will attempt to re-ignite, if not, the AntiLeak gas system will do its role.

Cast Iron

cast-iron-icon Cast iron pan stands

Our designed and dependable rigid iron pan stands provides you the professional cooking functions and the smart use of cooktop.

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